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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a domain name?

    In the modern world, a website is the key to a business's success. Your customers need an easy (and sometimes fun) way find your website. The answer: a domain name!

    The iEdit Network offers competitive domain names at a great price that only need to be renewed once every year.

  • How do I find domain names?

    A domain name is arguably the most important part of the website. If anything, this is what the customer will remember the most.

    You can easily use the search box above to find whether or not the domain you want is available.

  • Do the prices of domains change?

    The price of domains varies from time to time based upon the demand within the market. We try to keep these prices as low as possible so we are constantly offering the best deals.

    Domain pricing changes from time to time and also affects pre-existing domain registers.

  • I'm looking for a different domain extension?

    At this time, the Top Level Domains (TLD) (otherwise known as domain extensions), we have available are the most popular on the market. If there is another TLD, you're interested in, please contact our sales team and we can set up a specialized domain at a decent price.

  • Why are certain domain names more expensive?

    Other users and businesses can register domains and turn around and sell them at a higher price. Unfortunately, the iEdit Network cannot control the pricing of these.

    As an alternative, we offer other similar available domains you may like.