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Did you receive a letter about your domain expiring?

Did it look something like this:

Do NOT pay or contact them!

The services companies like this have are not associated with most domain registrars and thus, cannot guarantee they will perform said service. Most reputable domain registrars never bill through third-party domains or send physical mail.

Registrar Notification Sender Email Domain Postage Letter Sender Address
iEdit Network --
GoDaddy --
Google Domains --
Google Workspace --
Google Cloud -- --
Network Solutions --
Namecheap --
DreamHost --
Bluehost -- --

Why am I receiving this notice?

Letters like this are all too common as misleading marketing material for services you did not sign up for. Companies like this are reading public information associated with this domain. 

How can I remove myself from receiving this?

When you registered and renewed your domain, you entered your information as part of your lease for the domain. For user safety, this information is required and cannot directly be removed until the domain expires. One solution is to add domain protection to your (this is included free through certain email registrars, including the iEdit Network and Google Domains).

Still have questions?

No worries! We're more than happy to review any letters you may have received. Simply send a photo of the letter and we'll let you know if it's real or not!