Guidelines & Policies

Learn about and read our company policies for our public services and systems that include safety and responsibility.

Terms of Service

This explains what information we collect, how we use it, and how to review and update it.

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Privacy Policy

Understand what we mean describing the rules that you agree to when using our services.

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Your Privacy is Key

The iEdit Network is committed to providing its clients the best upfront content while also maintaining their safety and privacy.

Industry Standards

Websites that are designed by and/or hosted on iEdit Network servers, are required to meet certain quality standards as set by Google.

Contacting Us

If you are having questions or wish to make a few comments about the policies provided with our systems, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the iEdit Network protect privacy and keep my information secure?

    We are always working to improve both our security standards and further protect your information. We also understand that your safety in the digial world are important to you so if we have not made one thing clear, let us reiterate:

    “The iEdit Network is committed to providing its clients the best upfront content while also maintaining their safety and privacy.”

    We have equipped your account with many powerful tools that allow you access to control your own privacy settings. Directly from your MyiEdit account, you can set your email preferences and security pin for making changes to your websites or account.

  • What information can I remove from your systems?

    The iEdit Network prides itself on user security while maintaining transparency. One of our core company principles that we pride ourselves in is that we believe in fairness and trust. We provide you with honest information, not just information to make a sell.

    We have created our systems with users like you in mind. Clients and active users can access their MyiEdit account and make changes to their profile information. Users can also use this portal to close their services and remove most of the information from our databases.

    MyiEdit Account

    Information such as a credit card number, security PIN or alternative accounts will be removed for privacy purposes. We only keep other information for record keeping purposes.

  • The information I am looking for is not here...

    In the event that the above policies or FAQ's do not answer all of our questions, our team is always ready to help! Simply get in touch with our team and we will gladly find the answers.