A Brief History

Unknown to many, the iEdit Network originated, not as a web design company but as a high school image editing project that later grew into something much bigger and much different.

The Origins

The original ideology behind the iEdit Network (previously known as iEdit) was simply to create smiles and some laughter by taking friend's Facebook images and editing them into quirky scenarios. This would later spawn into the idea of creating more content on a wider scale that included video production, audio mixing, basic animation and then of course website design.

Shane Hicks
Systems Developer
Shane Hicks
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The Beginning

September 2013

First Major Client

August 2014

Google Certified

December 2014

Community Outreach

October 2015
A Message From the Founder

"My dream is continue to grow and provide businesses and community members the opportunity to become something bigger than just an online presence, not just another customer, but a flourishing online legacy that helps both their community and the world as a whole."

Shane Hicks, 2010